Health & Nutrition  

The docs have their own supplements they can recommend you take when you come in for a visit. To buy their supplements visit: 

1. Please arrive on time and follow your recommended treatment plan.  The doctor has created this treatment schedule for you to get your condition under control, and to reduce you to the fewest number of treatments needed.  

2.If you need to miss an  appointment, please call and reschedule.

3.  Here at LDC, we try to be prompt with your appointment, however, at times our schedule may fall behind.  This can be due to a patient presenting with an unexpected new injury.

Most patients begin to see results after 4-6 treatments, however each person is different. 

1.  You may feel better! Great! Your reaction to treatment will be influenced by many factors such as how severe the injury is, how long its been there, age, and occupation.  We hope you respond quickly to care and are able to make positive changes to prevent future problems!  

2. You may feel the same.  No worries!  Healing takes time and most patients  will feel the same after their first treatment.  Be patient with your body as well as the care we are providing!  You will get there!

3. You may feel worse.  Do not panic.  We are making changes to your body and its structure.  This is temporary and will go away.  This is also a sign that your body is responding and adjusting to treatment provided.  It is crucial that you let the doctor know about your symptoms.  Please call if you have any questions or concerns.

Your First Visit.

After your first visit.

Staying on track.

1.Complete your paperwork before you come in. 

2. Consultation: After processing your forms, a staff member will bring you into a treatment room.  You may be asked to put on a gown depending on the accessibility of your problem area.  

3. Examination:  The doctor will perform a thorough review of your problem area and past medical history.

​4. Treatment: Most patients will receive treatment during their first visit.  Treatment may include spinal adjustments, massage therapy and therapeutic modalities.