Laura C.


Dr. Jason helped me with my lower back pain from a fall that I had.  After a few visits my pain was gone and my back felt so much better.  Great atmosphere and staff.

Danielle H.


My family and I were in a car accident two years ago and have been treating with Dr. Peter ever since.  Dr. Peter is a kind, caring and an all around great Chiropractor.  He listens and spends the time needed to get you better.  I highly recommend Dr. Peter and the staff at Lancaster Depew Chiropractic.

Dale P.


Dr. Jason really helped my lower back feel better then it ever has.  After coming to the practice I have actually been able to decrease my Frisbee Golf handicap by five strokes!! Thank you so much!

Anna P


Dr. Cichocki is a very pleasant professional, he is very caring and makes you feel at ease the first time you enter his practice.  His gentle treatments are very effective, you enter with pain and leave like a new person.  He and his entire staff are very professional.  I would highly recommend him.



Dr. Guzinski was highly recommended to me by a previous patient of his for a continued deterioration in my mobility. 

There was no "long wait" and within a few days I had my initial appointment.  Dr. Guzinski did a thorough review of my reports, completed a detailed exam and explained everything to me-providing ample time for questions and answers, then recommended a treatment plan agreeable to both of us.

Dr. Guzinski, being cautiously optimistic, made me feel there was a chance for improvement despite the grim picture I was given by other medical providers.

With each visit, Dr. Guzinski assessed for changes and taylored my treatments accordingly.

He is"one in a million" who takes his time, listens to the patient and puts the patient first and foremost.

After only a few treatments , subtle but positive improvements are being noticed.  I now have a higher anticipation for continued improvements thanks to Dr. G. and his staff.

Wouldn't hesitate  for a moment recommending Dr. Guzinski!

Lauren T.


I have been going to the location for over 10 years now.  Due to my work schedule, I travel rather often and any other chiropractic office I have been to doesn't come close to the high standard of service that is offered at Lancaster Depew Chiropractic.  Whenever I feel pain or discomfort in my neck, back and/or hips without a fail Dr. Jason and his amazing staff always find a way to fit me in the schedule.  I always leave the office feeling the tension, pressure, and pain gone from the target areas that were impacting my body.  I can ALWAYS feel a difference in my overall body after visiting  Dr. Jason.  I can tell you, he is the most professional, kind, and dedicated doctor.  I am grateful for his practice because he has made a profound impact in my life-what a positive difference my body feels after each and every visit.

Bernie W.


After being under treatment for close to one year for sciatica and back pain I was very disappointed with no sight of improvement.  I decided to switch chiropractors and remembered Peter Guzinski since knowing him when he was growing up.  I called for an appointment and within 5 treatments I was able to walk with almost no pain and the sciatica was 80% cured.  I hadn't felt like that in a long time and was scared to start walking, little to be known I almost had to learn how to walk all over.  I was so overwhelmed by gladness with the improvement and glad of not being twisted every time I had a treatment.  I am truly glad I made the change and love Peter for his kindness and working hands. 

Catherine L.


With consistently gentle persistence Dr. Guzinski has kept me confident that my body can and will recover.  Maybe not 100% but better than it was before! Dr. Guzinski's unique application of kinetic muscle testing always seems to reveal the issue interfering with my next recovery phase.  I continue to improve and maintain much needed muscle flexibility and my pain level is significantly reduced.  I truly believe I have avoided neck fusion through Dr. Guzinski's care.

I also use the nutrition products.  With trial and error I have found the proper protein shake and enzyme supplement that has reduced my digestive discomfort associated with IBS-C.  Nothing will cure me but I sure am more comfortable than I have been in many years.

Its been a long bumpy road but one I can now actually walk with more comfort and ease than I ever imagined! A heartfelt THANK YOU to all the doctors, to Dr. Guzinski and all the loving staff.



I just wanted to let you know that since I have seen you last I have been pain free.  It has been 6+ weeks with no pain at all.  Best that I have felt in 15 years! Thanks again Dr. Peter!



I am 64 years old and thought that I had a 25 year old body when I went to Disney and did ALL the rides.  Well my body paid dearly for it.  The pain in my upper neck/shoulder was so bad I had trouble using my hair dryer from the pain.  I had not been to a chiropractor in a few years but really felt the need to go.  Dr. Peter is an amazing, caring person who worked with me for months til we got my movement back.  He taught me things to be doing when I felt the pain come back, body posture and exercises.  They are a great office and I will not hesitate to return if I need to.

Barbara B.


I have been suffering with lower back pain for several years.  I have been to several chiropractors, massage therapists and even had cortisone injections.  I was taking anti-inflammatory medication and thought that I would just have to deal with the pain.  I have been seeing Dr. Guzinski at first every week, then 2 week and now at 3 week intervals.  I have to say that I am 95% improved and my back is pretty much pain free just about all the time! I didn't believe I would ever get to this life changing point in my life.  Thank you so much for your help.

Carol F.


On January 11th I had to make an emergency call to Lancaster Depew Chiropractic to see Dr. Jason.  I had pulled out my back and my sciatic nerve was pinched.  I couldn't stand up straight and I could barely walk.  I had to use a walker for support.  On a scale of 1-10 my pain was a 10. I couldn't sleep through the night or function normally.

Now seven weeks later I am 90% better and greatfull to have my life back as it was. God bless Dr. Cichocki!

Kevin B.


This was my first even visit to a chiropractor.  I had pain in my lower back with numbness into my leg.  After one visit with Dr. Jason he diagnosed the trouble and treated me.  I can now sleep on my side and no longer have leg pain.  I highly recommend Dr. Jason to anyone with back and leg pain.

Cala C.


LOVE Lancaster Depew Chiropractic. Love Dr. Jason.  I came in with a pain on 10 on Monday.  By Friday I had pain of 0-1= SUCCESS! His manipulations were short and sweet.  I followed his instructions with stretching exercises and icing.  I could not be happier.  Their office hours are great and they're even open on Saturdays.  I would recommend then to anyone! I am very please and surprised that I am feeling so good so quick! Thank you Dr. Jason and team.

Ted P.


I've dealt with 'Back issues' for 40 years.  Therapy, medication, etc.  Since starting decompression treatment, I'm a new man.  No pain, no stiffness and numbness.  Much better mobility.  I highly recommend Dr. Peter and his treatment regimen to anyone who is needlessly living with pain.

Debbie S.


I highly recommend trying the decompression table if you are experiencing chronic rotational neck pains.  My range of motion is back to 100% after being unable to look over my left shoulder for 10 years.  I will continue using the decompression table as my preventative measure.  Trust in Dr. Peter Guzinski's recommendations  if he feels this will benefit you, you won't regret a single moment for a better quality of life!  I have been under his care for the last 18 years.  He is the best!! He cares about you as if you were his family!!

Suzanne F.


I have been a patient of Dr. Lisa Demarco for several years and have seen her periodically for various issues.  I have found her to be extremely proficient and knowledgable with any issues I have had.  She even cleared up a sinus infection I had when scheduled for a back adjustment.  A few weeks ago I saw Dr. Demarco because of some extreme pain I was experience in my left groin area.  I literally could not enter or exit my car without lifting my leg with my hands- even walking was difficult.  I thought it might be related to my lower back.  After a thorough exam of my entire leg, Dr. Demarco determined I had lactic acid trapped in the deep muscle in my groin area.  She applied pressure to a couple of spots and I felt immediate relief.  After coming back for a second appointment, her expertise completely took care of my discomfort.  I was able to walk and maneuver my leg without any pain or discomfort whatsoever. She is a miracle worker!

Liz W.


I wanted to inform you of how LDC, and specifically Dr. Lisa DeMarco, has impacted my well-being.  Out of fear, I always hesitated to seek chiropractic services and then I met Dr. Lisa at a business networking event and decided I would make an appointment for neck problems.  I have suffered with neck pain and associated headaches from many, many years.  It is amazing to me that not only have my next problems and headaches diminished greatly, but my overall health has improved.  I evaluate my comfort level with a doctor based on technical skill and interpersonal approach.  I cannot say enough about Dr. Lisa's talent and skills.  On top of her technical ability, her caring and compassionate approach is truly remarkable.  It is rare today that a doctor takes the time to truly listen and this is invaluable to me.  I have recommended LDC to several members of my family as well as friends and they have had the same positive experiences.  Thank you Dr. Lisa and the entire team at Lancaster Depew Chiropractic!


Lindsey                                                                      8/7/14

I LOVE Lancaster Depew Chiropractic,  I have been suffering with chronic migraines for the last several years and after only a few visits with Dr. Cichocki, I was feeling great!  I have yet to get a migraine since!  I recommend Lancaster Depew Chiropractic to everyone!


Luann G                                                                    5/8/14  

I had been suffering with severe migraine and positional vertigo for a year and a half was on different types of medications and nothing worked.  I called and talked to Dr. Jason and explained what was going on.  I went to see him and on the first visit I couldn't believe how much better I felt!!! Since I have been going to him the lightheadedness and balance issues have virtually disappeared and I no longer feel "funky" everyday!!  I forgot what "normal" feels like and thanks to Dr. Jason... I KNOW!!! Will be going back to him for my lower back and know I will get the same terrific results. 


John V.                                                                      5/9/14

When I leave the office I feel a great sense of relief.  Body tension is gone, and I can walk straight!  Lol everyone in the office is great, they call you by your first name, it gives a great feeling that they care about the patients and you aren't just a number.  I feel the office has helped me become more active in my family life, more interactive with my boys than sitting on the couch in pain.  Keep up the great work.  Thanks, John


Luann G.                                                            5/8/14

I had been suffering with severe migraine and positional vertigo for a year and half, was on different types of medications and nothing worked.  I called and talked to Dr. Jason and explained what was going on.  I went to see him and on the first visit I couldn't believe how much better I felt!!! Since I have been going to him the lightheadedness and balance issues have virtually disappeared and I no longer feel "funky" every day!!! I forgot what "normal" feels like and thanks to Dr. Jason....I KNOW!!! Will be going back to him for my lower back and know I will get the same terrific results!


Roxanne J.                                                      


The care that I have received from Lancaster Depew Chiropractic was exceptional.  Dr. Jason not only takes care of your physical alignment, but provides compassionate and incomparable consultations.  He really takes an interest in you, your care and your family and makes you feel like he is not just your doctor, but your friend.  The staff in this office is kind and impeccably professional at all times.  Dr. Jason is always there with my concerns and helps to keep me healthy.  I would recommend Lancaster Depew Chiropractic to everyone and actually have recommended them to a friend, that they have helped tremendously.


Tom K                                                              


After being injured in a car accident, I was referred to Dr. Jason by a friend.  Dr. Jason's plan, along with a professional, caring staff and two amazing massage therapists took me down a path to complete recovery.  I feel better today than I had before my accident!

Cheryl H                                                          


Dr. Peter Guzinski has helped me so much with my headaches.  I used to go 2 to 3 times a week and now I go when I need to go.  It could be 4-6 weeks, when Dr. Peter is out or on vacation I have been to Dr. Jason also.  All the doctors and staff are very professional and nice.  I would recommend Lancaster Depew Chiropractic to anyone.


David Karb                                                      


Lancaster Depew Chiropractic has been an integral part of my life for nearly 20 years.  Regular chiropractic attention has enabled me to maintain a normal, healthy existence.  Back issues certainly disrupt an other wise happy life.  I am very thankful that the helpful, friendly doctors and staff of Lancaster Depew Chiropractic have been there with me in my fight.  Thanks for all you do, and keep up the good work!




I had not been to a chiropractor for several years.  After having constant pain in my back and neck I decided to see Dr. Guzinski at Lancaster Depew Chiropractic.  It was nice knowing I had a doctor that actually cared and got me better.  I continued on a maintenance schedule when I had an accident, had fallen and injured my wrist and also my hip.  I am now being given excellent care through adjustments and therapy.  I could not have gone to a better doctor.  Also I want to thank the staff for being nice as well as friendly and accommodating in scheduling my appointments.  Very happy with my experience at this practice.







Dr. Jason Cichocki - Dr. Peter Guzinski - Dr. Lisa DeMarco - Linda Miller, M.S. F.N.P