Pediatric Chiropractic Care

at Lancaster Depew Chiropractic

We offer you peace of mind when you bring your child in for chiropractic care. Throughout your pregnancy, birth, and childhood, we can provide you with non-invasive, drug-free choices and benefits for your greater health and welfare.


Is chiropractic care appropriate for children?

Yes! Chiropractic care is more than a drugless approach, its preventative and promotes good health habits for people of all ages!

When should children receive chiropractic care?

As the child begins to participate in regular childhood activities like skating or riding a bike, small yet significant spinal misalignments (subluxations) may occur. If neglected, the injuries during this period of rapid growth may lead to more serious problems later in life.

Another sought-out reason for care is the resolution of a particular symptom or condition. Parents seek care for conditions such as colic, ear infections, asthma, allergies, and headaches (to name a few) because they have heard from other parents that chiropractic care can help.

Subtle trauma throughout childhood will affect the future development of the spine leading to impaired nervous system function. Just as children require regular dental check-ups to keep their teeth healthy, chiropractic check-ups for the spine are also of the utmost importance.


How effective is chiropractic care for children with sport related injuries?

One of the most common reasons parents seek care for their child is trauma from an injury of some sort. These misalignments may or may not result in immediate pain or symptoms.

Regular chiropractic check-ups can identify potential spinal injury from these traumas, make the correction early in life and help avoid many of the health complaints seen later in adults.

Young athletes today often think they are invincible. The American Chiropractic Association has a listing of tips to ensure your child does not miss a step when it comes to proper fitness, stretching, training, and rest that the body needs to engage in sporting activities.